Dr. Aniket Zarkar is a distinguished fistula specialist based in Hadapsar, Pune, with extensive experience in general and laparoscopic surgery. He is recognized for his expertise in proctological procedures, including the treatment of anal fistulas. Dr. Zarkar holds a DNB in general surgery and has completed a fellowship in minimal access surgery.

An anal fistula is a condition characterized by an abnormal connection between the rectal canal and the skin around the anus, often resulting from an untreated anal abscess. Symptoms include recurrent anal abscesses, pain and swelling around the anus, and the discharge of pus. Diagnosis involves a physical examination and may include additional tests such as anoscopy, ultrasound, or MRI. Treatment primarily involves surgical intervention, as there is no medication to cure anal fistulas. The surgical approach can vary depending on the complexity of the fistula and may include procedures like fistulotomy, seton placement, or the use of plugs to close the fistula.

Dr. Zarkar’s practice emphasizes patient comfort and effective treatment outcomes. His patients benefit from his compassionate care and the use of advanced surgical techniques to manage conditions like fistulas effectively.